Top 5 Reasons That Make Allen, Texas an Irresistible Place to Live!

Dated: November 20 2023

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Top 5 Reasons That Make Allen, Texas an Irresistible Place to Live!

November 19, 2023 By Jason Son

So you are looking at a Dallas suburb and you found Allen, Texas.  

now you're thinking is this city the best place to live? What are the good? What are the bad? Is this the city for you and your family? Will this be the final destination where you will set foot…..until the next chapter.

Well, in this video, I'm going to go over the most essential aspects of Allen, Texas so that you are fully aware of everything that Allen Texas has to offer. We're going to go over the safety we are gonna go over the education some of the entertainments, housing and real estate and so much more. So be sure to watch until the end of the video

so you do not miss out on anything.

Let's jump right in


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Allen Texas is a city that is within Collin County. Now Collin County is north of Dallas county. And inside Collin County Allen is on the east side of Collin County.

Allen has several key highways such as highway 75 That cuts right down the middle of the city and you have the Sam Rayburn Tollway to the north of Allen you also have access to the President George Bush turnpike on the south.

so as of right now Allen Texas has a population of about 109,411 people.

It is currently growing at a rate of 1.18% annually and since 2020 its population increased by 3.58%.

From 105,628 people.

the average household income now is about $143,725 with a poverty rate of 5.16%.


And if you are someone that needs to frequently travel out of state, you can either take the highway 121 on the north or take the President George Bush turnpike to the south. It's going to take you about 30 minutes to get from Allen to the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport.

Now the great thing about Dallas Fort Worth International Airport is that there are so many nonstop direct flight CO going out from this airline.

There are so many nonstop direct flight that is offered by many airlines here.

Community from Allen to commuting from Allen to downtown Dallas

may not be fun. If you love to do that on a daily basis. The major highway that you'll be taking going you can take the highway 75 all the way down to downtown Dallas. However, highway 75 is traffic jams.

Especially in the rush hour.

Now if you are someone that needs to plan your commute frequently, I recommend using an app those traffic advisory apps it's like such as Waze beforehand so that you are not delayed any more than you have to

first and foremost the most important

topic about Allen is its safety. Now, Allen was set to be one of the safest city in the nation. However, all that has changed since May 6 of 2023. In May 6, there was a mat there was a shooting in its most prominent Mall.

On May 6, and unfortunate events happened here in Allen Texas.

In the most in one of the most sought out the traction is the Allen outlet mall.

However on May 6 A gunman opened fire to

the public on the sidewalk, killing eight people and injuring seven others. This has also caught track this events has also caused trauma to hundreds and hundreds of other people that are that were present and non present. This was the second deadliest shooting in the nation this year at the time.

The gunman was quickly neutralized by a local police officer.

And here is the important fact

after the initial call to 911.

People who were wounded were quickly taken to the hospital as quick as 20 minutes.

Allen has a great hospital facility.

Called Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital and Alan is about 2.7 miles from Allen Premium Outlets. And with so many other help from the civilians and from the medical team

people were able to get access to medical care.

Nonetheless, this event

has put a dent into the safety of Allen Texas.

As of now 65% of people say they feel very safe that there are no safety concerns. 90% of the people says that the police are very visible and very responsive. This is very true from the time that it took from the initial 911 Call to escorting them to the nearby hospital.

Overall, according to, the crime and safety of Allen is rated at a b minus. If you look at the charts, the violent crime statistics as well as the property crime statistics. They are still well below the national value.

Now if a safety is your number one criteria, then I suggest that you look at some other suburbs such as first go McKinney Capelle or Flower Mound which all rates above an A

the neighboring cities of Allen include Frisco hill to the left. You have McKinney to the north and Plano to the south.

This takes us to the next segment which is the open carry. Texas is a Texas is an open carry state meaning you can freely carry guns

and have access to obtain a gun

a lot easier than let's say a state like California

weather whether you are

for or against guns, this is something that you must consider when moving to Texas

There has been called for tighter gun control,

since the shooting.

Another key point that is imperative to know is the healthcare and Allen. There is a there is one major hospital called the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, which I briefly went over earlier where they're wounded or taken to.

Even though there is only one major hospital in Allen, you do not have to worry about access to health care because within 10 mile radius, you have

much more extensive care hospitals available to you including the Children's Hospital in Plano. You also have the Baylor Scott and White the heart hospital

there's also a Texas Health Center for diagnostics and surgery in Plano.

And Medical City in McKinney

no matter what your healthcare needs are whatever specialty you are needing in care of you do not have to worry about it because you will have access to one of the best Hospitals and Facilities right here in North Dallas.

If you would like to know more information about the hospitals in Plano, be sure to watch this video where I go where I dive deep into the hospital sectors

and provide in great detail about the awards it has received and what especial teas they are known for as well as their ratings.

If you have kids or planning to have kids in the future

you have variety. of elementary, middle school and high school. There are five elementary schools for.

There are four middle schools two private middle schools


You have 67 preschools 37 elementary schools, seven middle schools for high schools, which 24 of them are public district schools in the Allen ISD, or the Alex Independent School District. 54 of them are private schools.

Overall Allen ISD has an A plus rating according to

The rating includes a in academics, a in diversity, a plus in teachers a plus in college prep, a plus in clubs and activity as well as a and administration.

Allen ISD is known to be one of the best school districts ranking number five out of 1052.

It's also one of the best places to teach in Texas. Coming in at number 10 out of 1084.

The average graduation rate is at 97% with 63% being proficient in reading 64% proficient in math.

The average LSAT score is 1270. The average AC t score is 28. Lot of the graduates go to these popular colleges. Number one is University of Texas in Austin number two is Texas a&m university. You also have a closer University called the University of Texas at Dallas, as well as University of North Texas.

Another way to be efficient in budgeting is to attend Collin College after high school.

Collin College is one of the highest rated community colleges in the state.

They have multiple campuses across North Dallas.

including McKinney, Frisco Plano

and Wiley.

They also have

campuses in Salina, and expanding.

They have over 53,000 credit and continuing education enrollment every year.

Now the good thing about calling colleges is that you they have a special relationship with a lot of V universities, that if you are able to obtain an associate's degree you can also be automatically admission admission.

You can transfer directly to a four year universities in their partnerships.

This is a great way to not only save money because you are in Collin County, meaning you will be painting you will be paying meaning you will be paying the in County price

but also be able to get

just as good of an education

and experience the college experience

nearby your home

Allen ISD currently has 21,463 students.

With a 16 to 16 to one student teacher ratio which is slightly under the national average, which is 17 to one student teacher ratio.

and teacher ratio. And if you're looking to get a job teaching in the Allen ISD, the average teacher salary is at $59,898

and only 9.6% of all teachers are in their first or their second year.

In their second year

if you're looking for the greenery and open space in Allen, you are welcome that with 66 parks and facilities and this and these parks and facilities are very active meaning there are plenty of event life happening.

For instance, this month in October, you have the Halloween events

on October 13, you have the heritage haunt where it's crafts and concert by candlelight with the allen Philharmonic on October 21, you have the trunk or treat drive in where they will be featuring the Super Mario Bros. Movie and on October 28. There is the Halloween open skate at the Allen community ice rink.

Now if you have a costume then the skate rental is free

and aside from this Halloween event, you have plenty of access to aquatics. I talk key figure skating fitness camps, sports, arts and crafts and performing arts there is I have an amazing fall program live in Allen magazine where it features all the activity guides that's happening until the December 31. If you would like to get this just shoot me a text or email I'll send this to you as soon as I can. So that you can take a look over what Allah has to offer for you and for your family.

There are programs for infants up to age five you have programs between age six to 12 programs for 13 and older and for seniors as well

The Stephen G Terrell Recreation Center opened its doors, this year.

opened its doors and this year

there are plenty of indoor play space area for your kids as well as indoor fitness area

for those who wants to get your workout in

Now in Allen we don't have mountains or a vast ocean, right in the backyard. but if you're looking for some body of water, we have amazing lakes nearby. to the east you have Lavon Lake and Lake Ray Hubbard and to the west, you have Lewisville Lake as well as great Pine Lake. If you're looking for a If you're looking for an activity for you and your family over the weekend, maybe go fishing or ride a boat.

Do not worry because you are surrounded by entertainment.

And I love going to the lake, especially now when the weather has finally cooled down here in north Texas. Watching the evening sunset is mesmerizing and really give me peace and sets the mood for an amazing date night.


What else can you do in Allen for an amazing date night or date weekend? There so many things to do and to point out a couple, there’s the Allen event center. Although this arena isn’t big compared to others, it really packs itself with events throughout the year. You can attend indoor football games, soccer, hockey and handful of concerts. In 2019 those of you who love Dude perfect, they had a tour right here in allen event center.

If you are up for a very nice place to eat, drink ,walk and shop, there’s the watter’s creek. There are 70 stores and restaurants and large chain stores including bath and body works, chico’s and dsw shoes. Thre are more stores coming in like the barnes and nobles in early next year, so now you can even enjoy booktime to further your relaxation. You can visit both during the day and night with each giving a different perspective. You can catch live music from time to time, bring your blanket and chair and enjoy the music. And your kids can play in the playground or run around the turf lawn. After all that running, you can sit and relax by the huge outdoor fireplace. Does this sound like an incredible outing for you? But there’s more.

Celebration Park is another wonderful park with outstanding facilities for running, walking, tennis, there’s also a nice water splash pad for your kids and a lake for you to sit and enjoy. The park is well maintained by the city and very safe as family destination.

And lastly your have the allen premium outlets. The mall has opened its doors again a month after the tragic shooting. Allen outlet still stands as Dallas fort worth’s premier outlet shopping destination. You can shop from more than 120 outlet desiner and name brand outlet stores including tory burch ,kate spade new York, Michael kors, the north face and much more. The reason I must say people love shopping here is for the extraordinary savings from 25 -65 % every day. If you love quality at the best price, you’ll find yourself in paradise here in Allen outlet.


I’ll squeeze in a few more out there. I love going to Topgolf and pinstack which allen has both! You can let out your stress or have bonding time with your friends and family. There’s always something to keep you busy in Allen.


Like Texas itself, Allen has hot scorching heat during the Summer time. Thankfully we are cooling off a bit but in summer time like the month of July august and September, you can expect to have multiple over 100 degrees days so be prepared for that if you are coming from the coastal area. We also have frequent thunderstorms and lighting here in Allen as well as hail storms. In may there was a significant hail storm and cause quite a bit of damage, the hail was the size of a golf ball to a baseball. It’s important to keep up with the local weather and have an appropriate plan such as keeping your car under the carport or in the garage. Also be sure to insure against hail damage. Sometimes people overlook at this coverage and later regret from not looking into it further. There has been few occurrences of tornadoes in or near Allen. The tornado index for Texas is 208.58  and allen Texas has an index of 313.91. This index value is calculated based on historical tornado events. Most recent on was the tornado in October 2019 which landed on the west side of Allen. So be sure to have proper tornado safety protocol in hand to keep you and your family safe just in case.


Let’s jump to the real estate market of Allen. The question you may have is has the shooting affected the home values in allen? In may the median price of homes sold was $510,591 and In June, it was $604,200. Now in the most recent data, in September, the median price of home was $533,250. So with this in mind, I don’t think it was or if it did, it was extremely minimal. You have a very few selection of new construction homes here in Allen, most homes are going to be older, but you do have much matured neighborhoods. One of the best neighborhood is Twin Creeks. Twin Creeks sits along the golf course and if you love having that green view right in the back yard, you must make a visit. You can find homes starting from $600k to multi million dollars. You get the beauty of nature and an amazing golf course, the amenities include multiple pools, 2 tennis courts, 2 soccer fields, and 2 baseball fields.


You may or may not know but in Texas there is no state income tax. This may be an exciting news for you, but we do have property taxes. In Allen the property tax rate is 2.31% Now there are some execmptions where you could lower the property tax. There’s the homestead exemption, senior exemption, and disabled veteran exemptions. And if your are 100% disabled veteran, Texas is among the few states where you will get 100% property tax exemption.


So after watching this video, is Allen the best place to live for you? Let me know in the comments down below and if you live here, share your thoughts and experience on thing you like and dislike about Allen. This is a tremendous help to people looking for guidance. This channel is built with you through your engagement. Now one question I saw was is there some sort of a service where people can experience the city beforehand? Although I am not sure of any, I would suggest a short trip to the area of interest, take a look around the city and it’s offerings. If you need help with this, contact me and I’ll figure out a plan with you.


I hope you enjoyed watching this video and if you got any value from this, give it a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel for future videos. Once again my name is Jason and In Sold we trust.

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